Cain Velasquez tears are BLOOD!!

What a fucking MAN!!!

In hindsight, I really love his humbleness when he got knocked out. He knew he was injured, he knew he could win that fight, but he took it like a man, and went to the gym to start his revenge tour.

It means so much to him, you can hear it in his voice.

Sometimes, when a man you admire cries, you feel it, you feel his pain/happiness. But when I saw Cain cry, I fucking fear for my life.

cain is a vampire....what a G. 

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Wu Massacre - he wasnt 'really' ko'd the first time anyways, he kindof got knocked off balance and junior put the pressure on him in a position that demanded a stoppage in time.. jds was probably more 'rocked' by the right straight than cain was in the first fight in their fight, and it could have easily been stopped standing, although champ fights get let go longer, i was surprised he managed to keep on and get back to his feet and stand against the cage

JDS was more rocked in 2nd fight than Cain in the first?
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Good to see, Ima big fan. Phone Post

He is cool guy....Middleeasy posted a good video with him in a limo ride the day after 155.....he is a chilled champ....humble. Phone Post

great champ

cool vid

I enjoyed that brief motion picture. Phone Post

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Very cool.

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I love his attitude. Humble, no trash talk just goes out and does it. Phone Post

Joshua J King - Yeah I love how Cain is such a normal bro and a well adjusted human. He could have went full Brazilian and made every excuse he could think of but he just got back up and proceeded to be a human buzz saw.

Humanity would be in better shape if we had more Cain Valesquezes on earth. Phone Post

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Chuckliddellstein - What a good dude, deserves the belt Phone Post

He's the opposite of JBJ Phone Post

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Cain is awesome Phone Post

Cain is the awesome. Phone Post