Cain 🆚 Carwin for INTERIM TITLE

Winner takes on Brock early 2010.

YOU ARE DUMB. Durrr....

 im getting dizzy

 When your first thread fails your second will no doubt succeed.

Carwin>> Cain imo

Dick tattoo will kill for this talk more interim titles.

I dont know what to do with Cain and Carwin in the meantime but Id rather have them not fight for #1 contender. This way the champ (whoever it will be in the future, probably Brock maintaining status) will have another quick opponent and continue to defend his title. This way the HW division will be more active than usual.

Let's assume Brock remains champ:

Brock vs Carwin
Brock vs Cain
Brock vs Dos Santos
Brock vs Nog
Brock vs (either Cheick or a rubber match with Mir)

Having either of those guys fight for #1 contender status with each other will obviously knock out a title shot for the loser and therefore less title defenses in HW division = bad for business

all heavyweight fights for an interim title from here on out.