Caio Terra seminar Aug 25th 2010

Caio terra will be doing a seminar at Joslins Aug 25th 2012 from 12-3. Last time he had some problems with his papers to be able to fly here to Canada. But he now has those papers and is able to come =] So everything is good to go 100% We will also be in Montreal the day after for a seminar there to

Any questions on the seminar can email or for more details

Here is the Facebook event page

TTT =]

One month away =]

Here's a link to the Montreal event the following day:

Joslins's 25th Event: link

Waza Dojo's 26th Event: link

I'm training at Caio's academy while I'm in California for the summer. Everybody at his school, even his big white belts, are incredibly technical.

Do not miss the opportunity to train with him.



2 weeks to go! This will be fun!