Caique 3 new Black belt

congratulation to caique new black belt: mike rose, mauricio, byron gray.

these three will definitely tear some shit up. trust me.

opie cunningham


NICE I was gonna post the same.. 3 bad ass mowfawkas.. CONGRATS I was there!!!

Congratulations guys. I was there also. It was a good time had by all.
Good class before hand, all drills. Man, I'm sore today !

Congrats Mauricio!!!!!

Thanks guys, it was really cool last night.
What up Brent, long time bro!


Congrats guys.I'm proud to be associated with you badasses.

Hostile, this is J. R. from Denver. A HUGE congratulations on your accomplishment. It is hard earned and very well deserved.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

i hope mike rose will display his skill in this week copa again. he mauled rener gracie
20(+) to 3 (i believe) at the last copa.

i'm still waiting to see maruicio in big show. this mofo got skill.

opie cunningham



Whats up JR, just talked to Dick, I'll be there in a few months.

Thanks Kirik and Opie.


well, i can say that i rolled with both mauricio and mike rose last week, and if they aren't black belts, i don't know who is. they toyed with me and showed me how much further i have to go :) i still have pains from my NHB training session with mauricio (that goddamn guard pass you pulled on me) :) like don said, i am honored to be on the same team with you guys....big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Thanks for the props Angelo! Same goes here to have you on our team bro.

Kick ass next week man!!!

P.S:What happend to you friday????


Oh yeah, I hope you put that guard pass to use;)

Hey Akosa, your bro was telling me about your training a team Quest, good stuff man.



LOL...I sent you an email Mauricio. I was seriously all twisted up after Thursday night! I came home, took a shower after class, and as soon as I jumped in bed my back tightened up on my left side and I couldn't move. I didn't sleep all night and was a wreck on Friday. I just went to the airport and laid on the floor trying to straighten my back out LOL :) Oh, yeah...I have already tried that pass a few times in class. Good stuff! Thanks for the help, and we will call Caique right after the fight to give you guys the details. Congrats once again, I am proud to know you guys.

What's your email?? Maybe I sent it to the wrong one...

LOL! Sorry bro and thanks again.

Congrats guys! It was long overdue.

it was crazy seein u guys up there with all of your black belts. man, our team has some heavy hitters. congrats... yall deserve it fo'sho!

what made it extra special is that it was on brujo's birthday!

"mike... i didn't know it was your birthday" LMAO!