CAL*USC** Tx Tc *CAL**OK*Tx Tc

Cal beat USC on paper, just not the score.

Texas Tech just dominated Cal.

Oklahoma beat Tex Tec.

Oklahoma vs USC?


I don't think so. USC matches up a lot better against OU than Cal matched up against TT.

Texas Tech's passing dominated Cal's second rate pass defense. 520 yards passing. Cal still had almost 500 yards of offense.

I still think if Cal played Texas that would have been a good game. A much better game than TT.

Cal spent too much time bitching, and completely overlooked TT's passing capabilities.

USC 31 Oklahoma 20

usc 35 oaklahoma 17

wrong and wrong. Boomer Sooner imo

45-10 in the 3rd quarter.

I gave way too much credit to Oklahoma.


My prediction was close. At least the oaklohma part was.