Caleb Swanigan dead at 25 "natural causes."

He was a big fat fatty prior to getting in shape to play hi level college ball, it was in his draft package.

He played 3 seasons in the NBA, then turned back into a big fat fatty, that retired due to some health reasons, per CBSsports


He was a big fatty who didn’t take care of himself at all. Sad case. Likely mental issues. I followed his career because he spurned Tom izzo and MSU at the last minute. Very sketchy situation

He was homeless multiple times in grade school and high school. He had a life that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

From a eugenics perspective I meant. The best among us are the ones who stood up to the madness.

But ya that was a shitty thing to say, i was in a bad mood at the time so i apologize to anyone who was offended. My thinking was more on the politicians and ppl who pushed it on others (employers) as well as the ppl who knew it was wrong but went along with it anyway, ala nazis/germans in ww2, not your average person. But yes, was a shitty thing to say.

Was thinking more the type of left-wing libtards that supported this line of thinking opposed to vindication for being right:


By getting vaxed. What a dumb question

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He really cared about his health. Walking around outdoors with a mask on. For sure vaccinated most fatties are.


Pfizer apparently thinks that the value of a pregnant woman is equal to 44 rats. That’s how they determined that the vaccine was safe for pregnant women. One study done on 44 rats. Think that’s dumb?


Sketchy? His legal guardian who adopted him was a Purdue guy.

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Tough few days for athletes…

Very SAD

Sudden adult death syndrome attributed to post pandemic stress disorder.


He OD’d. Count on it. Fentanyl is bad shit.

“Safe and effective”

real deaths just not from some bullshit fucking virus

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This seems more likely than either Covid or vaxesesezes

Go Illini!