Calgary Grappling?

I would like to know what is the best place in Calgary to train submission grappling?

Who is the best coach, best grappler etc. I am not trolling and I don't want to stir up the "my coach is the best" argument.

I am a very experienced grappler and recently relocated from Melbourne Aus. to Cranbrook BC. I want to know what my options are for training if I was to make a weekend trip to Calgary.

Is that where you train BSF?

What's their weekend schedule like?

So canuckles then.

Is that the only place?

I remember you from last year, You came to Kelowna for a wedding? right?

I'm Tony, we talked on the phone.

If in Calgary, I would train with Brian Bird, Nice place and good guys.

you can find his web page below, I picked it off
where you can find lots of good clubs.

I agree with Crazy Tony. National BJJ is the place to train in Calgary.

Hey Tony.

Yes I remember you from the summer last year. Sorry I didn't get out to roll with you guys but my schedule was tight on that visit and by the time my cousins were finished with me I was very intoxicated.

Thanks for the info. BTW I am going to try to get to Kelowna towards summer to visit relatives, so if you want to hook up for a wrestle let me know. Forward your contact details and I'll keep them 'on file'.

Oh and North American trials in Vernon no? You may see me there as well.


You're welcome to train with us at the BJJ Fight Club. We are pure BJJ, we train Gi and no Gi, hardcore 6 days a week. Right now Ze Mario Esfiha is teaching us. In yesterday's classes we covered 1/2 mount control and passing, tonight we will continue from where we left off, doing some 1/2 guard sweeps. If you can come out this week to catch Esfiha great, if not come check us out whenever your in town.

BJJ Fight Club
3515 17th Ave SE, 2nd floor
(403) 701 0237

I would suggest training with Brian Bird. All the guys there are friendly, and the instructors are great.