Calgary's newest MMA and Fitness facility MMA U!

I'm proud to announce that I will be opening Calgary's newest premier MMA and fitness facility!!!

Go to the link below to view photo's of the gym. The MMA area won't be ready to go for a few more weeks, were expecting all the mats, bags, ring, cage etc... to arrive on monday!

Were also going to holding a grappling tourney on our grand opening weekend so I'll make sure to keep all of you informed.



MMAUniversity - The Chaotic!!!

Good Luck.

 Your place looks huge!

 That place looks insane!

ya bro...its gonna be a crazy place to train at!!!!

 Can i come? I promise not to pee in the sand...much.

 Where in the hell are you going to put the mma stuff? I wanna see all of the pics but i cant view facebook from work. SHOW ME MORE!!!

its in the room next to all the s & c equipment..there's nothing in there yet though...getting everything on monday!

Those are pictures of Platoon fitness centre?

Are you using the small area in back that used to be the kickboxing gym?

Yaaa were partnering with Platoon.

All the MMA gear will be in the 3000sq area that's not being used. All the gear is gonna be in there within the next few weeks!!!

Come check us out!!!

Wrong thread....

that gym looks freakin epic. tim you are the man i cant wait to cross the pond and train with you again.

 Nice work tim. Looks great & a I dig the schedule.

hope you will invite Xande up again for a seminar in the new place

looks great

got the ring, bag rack and the swain flexi roll mats in today....just waiting for my order from throwdown and we'll be open!

Throwdown order came in today, and things are looking good. I'll try to post some pics soon.

Also got two 6' by 18' pieces of swain flexi roll mat that I wont be using. If anyone is interested let me know!!


shoot me an email at


Mike Yackulic

 Please send contact info. Im interested in the mats also.

Ill fight Mike for them possibly. lol

No, really.

Updated pics?

Anyone have any interest in having me run classes or hiring me as a full time instructor? I can teach anything and have alot of coaching experience being one of Pat Miletichs certified MFS Black Belt instructors and running alot of classes in Iowa over the past 5 years. Ive trained and learned from everyone you can think of that ever fought or trained out of MFS (Horn, Hughes, Sylvia, Pulver, Lawler, etc, etc, etc) Considering a move to Calgary in the next year or so. Open to offers.

Short Bio:

20-4-0-1 Pro MMA Record

2x UFC vet
12x UFC cornerman
9x IFL vet for World Team Champion Silverbacks
MFS Pat Miletich Certifed MMA BlackBelt
Shorin Ryu Karate Black Belt
BJJ Gi 4 stripe purple belt
Submission grappling record of 25-4 all advanced divisions
Amateur wrestling background
Amateur boxing background
Trained BJJ in Brazil
Trained Muay Thai in Thailand

You can hit me up on here or