Cali Teacher Pledges Allegiance to Queers

I knew this shit was gonna go viral on Friday…

Californians, is this what your public education teachers are really like?

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My kids are in public schools in LA county but in a very conservative town and school district. I am always checking on their teachers and their advocacy. Luckily nothing like this has gone on because I would beat that bitch down like no tomorrow if she did that to my kids.

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I pledge allegiance to the fag…


Here in the bay area, this is more prevalent than you could imagine.

My son just started high school in san diego. He did mention that its not as woke and mentally insane as people make it out to be.
He said people still constantly make fun of the weirdos, trannies and emo kids unmercifully.

The only idiocy hes seen was when his teacher introduced his pronouns on the first day of school. And the class groaned.

Maybe theres hope


I’m moving next year after my oldest daughter graduates. My youngest is ten years younger and the biggest reason we are moving. We don’t want her growing up here anymore.

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I think there is hope with that age group. My oldest kids friends are all very conservative and don’t buy into the cancel culture or woke horseshit. It’s great and very refreshing lol

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My kids are the same way. They poke fun of the woke ideologues. Every youth movement begins with railing against the establishment. And the woke are the establishment now, unbeknownst to them.

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Teacher is a virtue signaling weirdo.
Still, pledging allegiance to anything falls under the realm of weird cult shit. I didn’t stand for it when I was in school in the 90’s.

A Dude Who Loves America

Kick that disgusting piece of shit to the curb or better yet drop her dumbass off in Afghanistan! She will love the freedoms there!


when i was in high school the teachers werent even allowed to say who they were voting for

When you were in high school america hadn’t even been discovered yet! Lmao!

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