Caliendo as Jeff Goldblum fight commentary vid

Please forgive me if this has been posted before. If it has it is fucking gold and worth another watch and listen, daily imo. Haha 

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TURN SOUND ON!!! Jeff Goldblum calls the Fake Jeff Goldblum Street Fight This video was going viral today because one of the guys looks like Jeff Goldblum. So... it was almost too easy. Please don’t try this at home. The fighting, I mean... not the Goldblum impression.

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Floppy Divac -

I laughed 

Ha that's cool


Funny stuff, but Frank Caliendo's impressions have been off ever since he lost the weight 

Bump since apparently this was in a thread about Passive Jay before Caliendo worked his magic and made it about Goldblum, as it should have been.

That's awesome :-)