California Approves Ring

Looks like PRIDE will be coming to the US after all.

Even if kicks aren't allowed, thats not a main problem. I would think that knees to a downed opponent is going to be the big one which, if they got a ring, they might be able to get the knees approved. If so, its a go. If not, Pride can allow elbows for those events.

John Kerry - I would not be surprised if Dana put a clause in Rogans contract stating that he cannot mention PRIDE by name.

John Kerry - Now I understand what you are saying, didn't get it the first time, now I am on the same page

"Zuffa already ensured that knees on the ground are banned in California, most likely forever now.

LOL @ Rogan not even mentioning that whenever he whines how they should be brought back, what a two-faced pussy. He could start by lobbying his boss. "

Joe came on here and said Dana was trying to get that rule taken out because he wants them back because of the stalling problems on the ground. You need to understand that the CSAC was hard enough to even get MMA sanctioned let alone a rule like that. They're taking baby steps with these guys and will eventually be able to allow more thing. But to say "This this and this needs to be allowed" the CSAC might have just been like "No, thats far too brutal, we're not doing this" and MMA would continue to be illegal in Cali. Cali will give on this I'm sure. If people want it, the promotions want it, and they can prove that it doesn't end in deaths and the whatnot, it will happen.

"The fact that EVERY SINGLE MMA fan in the U.S. doesn't know what Zuffa did at that hearing is pretty damning evidence of the amateurish, Zuffa-dicksucking ineffectiveness of 90% of the MMA media. I give Sherdog credit for leaving that up on his site."

I know Zuffa did that. It was partially to keep Pride out and partially to just plain get approved by the CSAC. Thing is, they also made sure that only a cage was regulated also but Pride has now gotten a ring sanctioned. Its only a matter of time before they make other changes.

So the Cali AC was all for approving MMA with knees on the gorund
before Zuffa convinced them not to? I don't follow here.

PS, please don't call me a fucking idiot

I am not an exclusive UFC fan, I enjoy pride, but just one brutal soccer kick on mainstream US tv, and the current love-in with MMA that the mainstream media has will be a thing of the past.

MMA is starting to get mainstream because people are looking at it as a legit SPORT, not as a reality based fighting event.

Well, thats possible. But they can also bring in guys like Dan Henderson, Phil Baroni, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, these guys are well known by MMA fans here in America. They can go up against whatever Zuffa has to say. I dont think Pride will just give in. If they wants something done, they're going to get it done. They have the money, know how, the money to higher legal representation, they have just as big of name talent as the UFC does, they can combat the UFC head to head in court if they have to. But something Zuffa needs to understand is, this would benefit them also

Competition is always good. It draws interests. The more rules that you get to take away, the more people are going to be interested. I have a simple solution. How about no knees to the head when in side mount position but if someone is in the turtle position, you can. Because the turtle position is one of the safest positions as, its hard to do anything to anyone when they are in this position. If you can just implement knees in that position, I think it would definately draw a lot more interest.

"I am not an exclusive UFC fan, I enjoy pride, but just one brutal soccer kick on mainstream US tv, and the current love-in with MMA that the mainstream media has will be a thing of the past."

I dont think anyone wants soccer kicks. Pride has said that is not their concern right now. More-so the knees.

"We'll never know now, will we?"

Well, what are you alleging that Zuffa "did" at that meeting, besides try to
get MMA approved? Did they have some kind of obligation to get Pride
rules approved too? I can see lobbying for the cage and not the ring to be
a political ploy, but I don't get what kind of underhanded move it was to
improve their chances of sanctioning by not pushing for an unpopular
tactic that isn't even within their rules. You are making it sound like the
whole point was to screw Pride. If that's the case, I want to understand
why- I really don't know much about this.

"Do you have a 2nd screen name on this forum called "SNOW GORILLA"?
Shame on you."

No, I don't. I just noticed you seem a little abrasive on this thread.

--- "I also want knees, head stomps and soccer kicks in California."

Well most people have two knees (including Californians... I have seen a few).

With the huge Mexican population in CA, I know that there is plenty of soccer going on (thus plenty of soccer kicks).

Didn't the Rodney King beating take place in LA... that takes care of head-stomps.

CA is where it is at.

Kerry is owning this thread.

I brought the same facts up last tme the "knee" rule was discussed. Its a shame when someone like Dana goes on record saying they are going to try and bring back certain rules, only for them to lobby against it months later.

Granted i understand Zuffa is a buisness and they are trying to protect themselves, but they provide a perfect example why the sport wont really progress until its just an MMA fight, not a UFC promotion show. It needs to be fighter vs fighter, not UFC 137. But this wont start to happen until Pride or IFL or whomever comes in starts opening casual fans eyes that the UFC is not the end all be all of the sport, and that they are just one version of the sport. At that point youll start seeing major fight cards pop up without the backing of a big promotion since those vehicles wont be neccesary for visibility.

Zuffa wanted Chuck in the GP to showcase their fighter, there was no agreement to return the favor. They belived Chuck could win it all and represent the UFC in the process. Pride was cool enough to agree to it.

Would Zuffa allow Fedor to come face Sylvia? Hell no! Theyd puss away from that so as to not bring attention to Pride, or the fact that they dont have the best fighters.

That was Takada

John Kerry is 1000% correct.

I love watching UFC events, even when they have substandard fighters fighting on them these days...

However, people should realize that Zuffa is only in it for themselves...they have a history of screwing fighters and other promotions. They certainly do not love the sport of MMA as much as most of the UG believe they do!


hopefully the ca legislator's can be swayed so we see a pride event in north america. i would wager a guess that if zuffa really wanted knees to the head on the ground, they could easily get marc ratner to sway some of the law makers.


Johnny Blaze is correct!