California Bans Youth Shooting Sports

So no, you obey the laws and argue with others who object to the communist laws.

Got it.

You’re a great freedom fighter and minstrels will sing about you for generations.

Go keep on jerking off watching black and white television of the images that were put out of what people thought America was at one time when the reality was much more diner for the majority of people who weren’t white men with land and some money. You’ve watched too much Leave it to Beaver.


“Freedom sucks!”

Hey everybody, do what you’re told!

Leave it to Beaver was bullshit!

Get your shots! Pay your taxes! Inflation is Putins fault! AOC is awesome! Give up your guns! White supremacy is the problem! Also toxic masculinity! Gender fluidity is real! Pay your reparations! You didnt buold that! The police acted stupidly! You will own nothing and be happy! Men have periods too! If you dont get a booster you’re a terrorist! Allahu akbar!

“I care about other humans…so…bring on the Black Plague. You know, for the great reset.”

“You’ll thank me later.”

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The best thing about communists is they project their desires for things onto others, in this example, the black plagues, completely unrelated to my post about economics.

Not at all surprising because these morons have no actual arguments so they must resort to lies.

Cool story faggot. You and your ilk are creating an economic disaster but project your psychotic catastrophes onto conservatives.

If im not mistaken, this is a textbook trait of narcissists.

Cool story bro, why dont you just post your lunatic hopes for the future? Everyone will understand the same things about you without the phony baloney?

It’s funny that there isn’t any part of that that if it happens or doesn’t happen will affect any part of the economy. These are straight up moralfag arguments, man, I thought you’d do better. You told me to read a book on economics and after all of that, you post this? lol

You don’t care about the economy at all, you are just made it about things changing that you don’t like. Go fucking yell at some clouds.

Yes, this is true

Pretty sure that makes you a terrorist extremist.

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The results of the insanity you’re rooting for are inevitable.

It doesnt matter if you mock the ideas of personal accountability or freedom or hard work or truth or love or whatever other “old fashioned” ideas you’ve failed to learn or benefit from.

Money doesn’t grow on trees regardless of whatever Biden or Yellen or Krugman or Keynes or Greenspan or Whoopi Goldberg tell you.

I don’t care if you laugh at people who can do math but i do care about the people who will suffer for the next 50 years because of the communist policies you support.

When those results materialize (not if but when), maybe I’ll remember this thread and bump it.

Until then, please keep posting as much as possi le about how great Biden and communism are.

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Cool, you do you

I’ll keep voting the way I do and donating money to causes I see fit.

The Sandlot Kiss GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

I don’t know what they’re talking about.


Hurting others then claiming to care about others…so “fit”.

You’ll get lots of likes on fagbook for that.