California Really Went There - Dumb $h!T


Did you read the article, OP?

Lol @ retards living there and continuing to vote for more and more “progressive” leadership. Stockholm Syndrome. I hope they pass laws that require every household to house a homeless person and require mandatory therapy sessions where you get reamed in the asshole with a dildo for 30mins to promote acceptance of transwomen


I did and it’s all dumb (even if temporary).


I’d hate to be the 1 guy not vaccinated that’s making everyone else wear a mask in the office haha. Either way my company in LA doesn’t follow these “laws”.

let that commie shit hole burn



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LOL @ cousin fuckers who don’t realize California was just the first domino to fall and thinking that this shit won’t happen to them when they have the same demographics as us :rofl:


The rules were changed recently.

Exactly. Won’t hold up to legal scrutiny, but buys them time while at least allowing SOME to go mask free.

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You Californians are so damn sensitive. You think the rest of the country is inbred when in fact all our retards end up in California being homeless or whores.


First domino? They’re like the last state to open up lol

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I was just in cali if you don’t live a mile from the beach your life sucks.

The majority of states have yet to enact the idiocracy of California over the past 100 years.

So tell us, cousin virgin, WHEN exactly will say, Florida do this?

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I think people misunderstand when they see that “California voted” - we the people vote on shit actually very little. The voting you’re hearing of is being done by the suits in office, not the people. Although some of the fucking idiots here do vote for stupid shit like gasoline taxes, we aren’t doing a lot of the voting that goes on behind closed doors.

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I’m tired of schooling the podunks here. I’ll just give you a visual aid. The graph shows our decent into stupid.

I’d say somewhere around your state being only 40% Florida Cracker and 60% I hate whitey you’ll be here too but until then enjoy your cousins. Pork away pal. Fuck her blue.

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That is obviously why you live in commiefornia, virgin

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Fair. But I’m more mad about the white woke Tech Douches from Midwest colleges who fund the stupid racist Commie shit that’s always been here but used to get put in it’s corner where it belonged, not funded and accepted. That was done by Millenials from all over this country moving here to be an Arteest or Tech dork.


Sorry, wrong guy there lol. I’m the one that actually fights for whitey while you Bamma ass cousin fuckers cry about shit… just not a coward or scared of brown people the way you flyover pussies are. I call them out for being dumb racist piles of minority Pedro shit the same way I clown the racist cousin fucker rednecks here. Sorry you fall into a category that makes you butthurt and want to lash out.

People in Wyoming might as well be a different species compared to Californians. Places like Austin or Nashville or Denver, etc are obviously in line though