California Really Went There - Dumb $h!T

I am a brown person. Way to make assumptions, ignorant virgin.


You vote for the suits who hire the other suits who together vote for this shit.

I didn’t vote for them. I’m outnumbered by retards that vote for them.


You are such a racist douche, and full of shit.


I would LOVE to be that one guy. I would play it up as loud and stupid as I could to annoy the shit out of everyone.

That is simply how the world has to work now. There are two sides. Annoy the fuck out of the other side at every opportunity.

Masks are so fucking dumb. Biggest mistake was to allow them to begin with. (Or at least government approval/disproval) for mask mandates. So dumb.

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No, but it does violate the ADA.

Didn’t ask don’t care. No assumptions made.

LOL, I am that guy at work…


Nope. I’m just honest: the majority of the chickenshit white pussies in here cry about BLM commies and illegal immigration but whenever it comes to California it’s “we voted for it” LOL. GTFO.

My argument has always been California was lost to anti American racist identity politics groups like MECHA And LaRaza years ago. They were founded upon communist principals in the 70s just like BLM was. You guys never talk about them though yet act like you know WTF you’re talking about when California comes up. So you sound like fucking stupid flyover dipshits.

Republicans have made absolutely no attempt to convert the anchor babies who can now vote or foreigners to Republicanism in California. Trump couldn’t even be bothered to campaign here at all. It’s the most populace state in the union and regardless of if you rednecks like it or not it sets the tone of the country through policy and media. So regardless of the small percentage of Latino gains Republicans like to brag about making in other states, In CA they look at you as evil white guys. Republicans have done absolutely nothing to change that view. You cry like pussies instead of being honest about what happened even though it would help your argument more than just saying “they voted for it derp”.

Commiefornia will milk this for every penny they can. Newsome and his goons want complete control over the people, money and property within the state.

Keep preaching, soon you’ll be able to buy half a house in California and pay for black people (that were never slaves) to continue being lazy.

Of course. I’m obviously being a dick about it but the more they just fall on “ya’ll voted for it” as opposed to seeing it as the first domino to fall and making an attempt to change the narrative these scumbags are going to do it in (your state here) when they get the chance the same way they did here.

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That’s what I was thinking.

Started hearing about fake Vaccine passports getting made months ago

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i saw numnuts driving alone in the car tonight with a mask on

This is what I will be telling my employer: I will never take the vaccine. I am responsible for my own health and no one else’s. You decide if we’re going to follow OSHA’s rules or not. I’ll wear this dumb mask if you tell me to or I’ll throw it in the trash if you tell me to. I am not budging, so get used to that mask if that’s the way we’re going to play it.

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I’m for more played out “flyover fuck” labeling.

The better thing to do is to find a doctor who believes in personal choice, and have him/her write you a medical exemption for the mask and vaccine. It’s easy enough to find a doctor like that online who does telemedicine. Give it to your employer and let that be the end of it.