California, This Video May Trigger You - Watch At Your Own Risk

Leave. It will not get better.


Nicely broken down

In for later…my chick’s work asked her about relocating to Chicago, hahahahaha!!!


Your chick should find a new job. Her company wants to speed up her assault, rape and death by moving to Chicago. She must be a trump supporter. Them blood thirsty libs are very vindictive


Freaks here in this**Hopeless fucking hole we call LA.
The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.


Fair video


Good video. I can’t wait to leave. Unfortunately my ex won’t leave and I won’t leave my kids. My oldest start college next month but my youngest turns 9. Looks like I have to go back to work……

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Hilarious that he pointed out the same argument some of the leftist troll Californians used against me when I told them I was leaving California because it was a shithole. I was a coward, I didn’t make enough money, I couldn’t hack it. I heard it all. Never mind the fact that I sold my business and my house, had enough money to buy a 500+acre ranch outright, with money still left over to pad a comfortable retirement. Never mind that I moved my kids into an environment where they don’t have principals sending out reading lists recommending “White Fragility” or “How to be an Ally”. Forget that the level of education they are getting is way ahead of the district that was pandering to the lowest common denominators in class, cheating all the other students of quality education.

The next excuse was that I must have lived in a crappy place, except that doesn’t pan out because my zip code has some of the most expensive real estate in America, as well as some of the “top” schools (if only diversity and equity weren’t pushed instead of math, english, and science). The fucking muppets are sitting around, watching a once great state deteriorate before their eyes, and are like, “Oh, it’s fine!”.

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Same happened to me. Life improved a million fold the second I left California. What once was, is no more. It’s too bad.


Yup, life is way better for me and my family once we got out of there, and we were doing pretty well comparatively while there. I used to be a die hard, Californian for life, fuck you fly over states, guy growing up. Now, I just have fond memories of what it was.

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Wonder why he would encourage people to leave, what would be his profit motive, being a hardcore businessman?

He’s doing self help seminars, isn’t he?

Something something flyover fucks

You sir are a bigot and racist.

I had the opportunity to take a position in San Diego just last month. Would have paid just over 6 figures. A decent one bedroom apartment is right around $3k/month. They require you to make 3x rent per month. I would have had to move about 45 minutes inland to make it work. My mortgage in Texas is about $1800/month in the mid cities. Selling my house here and using the equity and appreciation of the last 8 years would just get me a decent down payment in SD. But in the end I just couldn’t get over the idea of paying that much money to rent.

Thank you kind sir.

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