California's 2nd largest dam damaged by rains



Damage to Oroville Dam spillway worsens — could cost $100 million

Updated 7:16 pm, Friday, February 10, 2017


OROVILLE, Butte County — A foaming mass of whitewater cascaded down the badly damaged Oroville Dam spillway Friday after state officials upped the flow in an attempt to avoid what would be an even more disastrous overflowing of California’s second-largest reservoir.

By increasing the flow, dam operators were conceding they were likely to lose a big portion of the spillway to erosion — perhaps the entire bottom half, or about 150 yards of concrete that will have to be painstakingly rebuilt during the dry months. The cost, state officials said Friday, will likely top $100 million.

As they spoke, the gaping hole in the spillway — which first cracked open Tuesday — got bigger as 65,000 cubic feet of water per second ripped into it, causing a rain-like mist to fall throughout the area just as the real rains that had caused the debacle ceased.


“We’re going to lose a lot of the spillway,” said Chris Orrock, a spokesman for the California Department of Water Resources, which manages the nation’s tallest dam, about 75 miles north of Sacramento. “The director has said we are willing to lose the bottom of that spillway to make sure we maintain flood control for the downstream communities.”

The torrent was crashing over the side of the spillway onto a bed of rocks, scouring the hillside clear of vegetation and taking with it so much dirt that the Feather River turned into a soup full of debris, endangering millions of hatchery fish downstream..................











They gotta continue releasing water otherwise the dam will be too full from all the new water from the storms... the entire bottom part of that concrete spillway...starting at the hole...will be washed away by the time they get everything under control

There's potential for that whole thing to fail before they can drain off enough water. This could really be a disaster.

Fun fact. When they were building that thing the workers were finding millions in gold but they weren't allowed to take any out. Full searches after shift, people kept getting caught. At one point guys were swallowing it trying to get it out.

Bring in the mexicans and it will be done in half the time and a quarter of the cost. we can even use the concrete that was going to be used on the wall,

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Wasn't California in a deep drought ??

150 yards of concrete=100 million dollars. Fuck. 

dios -

Wasn't California in a deep drought ??

Not any more.

They have to keep on dumping,another 5-6 days of rain starting Wednesday 

But I though green energy was perfectly safe?

100 mill seems a bit much to fill that hole

That was the lake that was almost dead right? That's crazy.

SoCalMutt - Used to fish that lake. Nice trout.
I used to live on the Feather up past Quincy in Mohawk.

It's even worse now. They had to let the water keep flowing over the damage and now it's really fucked up. It tore up the whole side of the spillway and now the water is just flowing everywhere.

Plus now this morning they had to open the emergency spillway, the first time in 48 years.

It's crazy because I was there just 2 years ago and it almost wasn't even fun being there because the lake was so empty.

Team Blackhouse Fan -

150 yards of concrete=100 million dollars. Fuck. 

I'll put my quote in at $25 mill, save some money. Who the fuck comes up with these quotes?




"Officials said the emergency spillway, activated at 8 a.m. Saturday, would remain in use through at least Sunday night as mountain runoff from recent storms continued to fill the lake.

“The event that we never wanted to happen, and didn’t expect to happen, has happened,” said Doug Carlson, spokesman for the California Department of Water Resources, which owns and operates the reservoir."...........



I live about 30 minutes from the dam.  Supposedly there are pics of some patchwork that was done a few years ago on the exact spot that failed.

Anyway if it breaks and I don't make it, please give my join date to a '17er.

Water will do what it wants.

oh, and for all you of dam enthusiasts, Oroville Dam is the tallest damn dam in the United States.

Man vs Nature