Call for fighters ad for first UFC from 1993


Not that long ago, The Fight Nerd unveiled this vintage ad from December 1993 in “Black Belt” Magazine that was advertising the very first UFC event. After some further digging, I discovered something even rarer!

Two months prior to that ad, W.O.W. and SEG put out an application to discover fighters to compete in their event, and here is that ad! Stuffed all the way in the back of the magazine on the bottom left corner of page 69, this quarter-page ad summons the eight “toughest punchers, kickers and grapplers in the world” to compete in the “full contact, no holds barred” event.

The original date for the event was October 2, however this date was later changed to November 12. Also of important note is one of the original names of the event is used in the ad, as “World’s Best Fighter.” Another alternate title that was used for the event was “War of the Worlds.” The most eye-grabbing part to me is that they were using John Milius’ name in a very prominent way to catch readers, as it was this famous director that created the infamous octagon in the first case (when you look at his resume, it’s no wonder he originally wanted to add a moat around it).

In that same issue of “Black Belt” magazine, an article on how a karate fighter can beat a wrestler with the right techniques, a piece discussing movie martial artists dodging challenges from legitimate martial artists (yes, Steven Seagal is the centerpiece of it), and an editorial on traditional training methods, and if they are still beneficial to modern martial arts students (a question still asked by other fighters to this day).

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