Call for meat-eating men to be banned from sex

An animal rights group has demanded men who eat meat should be banned from having sex, urging women to go on a sex strike to “save the world”.

An animal rights group is calling for a sex ban to be placed on men who eat meat.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)’s German division claims devouring sausages and schnitzel is a symptom of toxic masculinity, that it’s killing the planet.

The non-profit organisation has urged women to go on a sex strike to “save the world”.

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Every sausage I don’t devour, she has one she has to.


Eating meat means no sex with stinky, hairy, hippy women?

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good luck with that

Liberals eat more meat than anyone I swear. Fucking cooks will get food tats


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They do realize there’s such a thing as internet porn, right?
Or even that there are other females who, for a certain fee, will gladly provide such “goods & services”.

Its PETA none of them have ever had sex anyway so no

Let me make myself perfectly clear. I will have both meat AND sexual relations!!

Sup, babe. Even though I cant see your post I know you want me to fill that beehole, again.
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Lol spick pig

In my experience, most leftist women can’t wait to fuck strong conservative men. They say one thing then do the other.

Meat isn’t murder so long as you tag your twitter “foodie” and call mixing anything with mayo “aoli”.

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Hah women are just naturally attracted to vegan men. You hot dog red in the face vein popping out thyroid disease high blood pressure “alphas” probably have too much blood flow issues anyways!

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Every vegan chick ive ever known except 1 has been a preachy cunt and then bailed and meatbombed. Super annoying/opinionated/judgy/difficult any time food is involved, and then one day you catch them eating pepperoni hot pockets. That’s the beginning of the end. Destination: hieferville.

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Fiona Apple is vegan.

A crazy subset of freak women won’t have sex with normal men, who wouldn’t have had sex with them anyways?

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Feminists say this yet keep getting pregnant.

the LOW-T type to get wound-up by this is probably the kind which won’t be getting any anyway :laughing:

*buys ticket to Germany to bang all the frauleins