Call For Pan Study Participants

Hey guys,

First, thank you for all the support last year. All of our studies, stats, and breakdowns received a lot of acclaim, and this board was a big part of that.

Second, we are going to try something pretty cool this year for the Pans. We want to do a true competitor case study to study training habits, training methodology, performance, and outcomes. Everyone knows we take the scientific process very seriously, so this will be a very professional finished product.

All who are selected will be rewarded for their participation.

For all the details go to...


TTT Phone Post

Already have confirmed a few good participants, but will need a lot more to get the sample right. If you have won a major tournament before (Euro's, Pan's, Worlds), this is a great opportunity for further exposure.


Wow, actually have gotten some really big names to participate so far, but I need some purple belts more than anything now.

Guys, if you are doing the Pan Ams, this is a great opportunity.

This sounds like a cool study. I'm Definitely going to the Pan's, and would participate in the study if you'd have me.


Go to the site and fill out the form, we'd love to have you. We are accepting most applications right now so that we can keep a large sample. Will be very enlightening when we are done, and those who participate will have unbridled access to the data.