THE BATTLE OF STALINGRAD: Russian Campaign, the River ladning and Red Square suicide charge.

HOLY CRAP! This is the most intense fps single player game I have ever played.



Someone should tell them that you don't make a good game copying one dramatic scene from a popular film and placing it between lots of other sucky levels.

A lot of the levels feel like fillers. For example, the level where you board the German boat. Its difficult for me to conceive how anyone could find playing that stage any fun.

i thought it was an O.K. level....the most intense level is Pavlov's House....

I think the coolest one is:

"In the Red Army, it takes more courage to retreat than to advance.." - Josef Stalin

The actual quote was, "It takes a brave man not to be a hero in the Red Army"

Back in the day, the Red Army had guys who shot the men who refused to advance.

I fucking love this game!!!

I've been playing like a maniac since last night.

I'm stuck.

I'm on the level where I'm in Germany defending the bridge and I just can't get past it. Any hints?

"I'm on the level where I'm in Germany defending the bridge and I just can't get past it. Any hints? "

Use the cannon to blow shit up.

That's a tough level.

I assume you mean the one where you're a British commando.

Okay, I got by it by climbing the ladder on the bridge during the first part and using my machine gun and M1 to support the rest of the squad that ran across the bridge to defend by the sandbags. You can hide up there pretty well and avoid enemy fire by going prone and climbing behind some metal supports.

When the troops fall back/you run out of ammo, run to the guard house on the right side of the bridge and use the MG42 to smoke the rest of the troops.

Now the tanks come. When the first one shows up, grab a anti-tank weapon behind/in the bunker. Run on the bridge a bit and smoke the tank.

Haul butt back to behind the bunker and take out any Germans trying to get at you there. There will be a lot! Grab anti tank round #2. Smoke the second tank that'll be there by the bunker.

This is where I can't quite remember. I think one more tank to go out in front of the bunker somewhere. Take it out and keep your head down. Take out any other Germans around the bunker.

Meet your squad out front of the bunker and you win =)

This game rocks. What kind of hardware are you guys running on?

Thanks Lg, my problem was I forgot to check the objectives and just battled it out until I died every round.

Well, new record for me. I started this game on friday and finished it today. It was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. I found the Russian levels were the best.

I did find there was a fair bit of filler, like when you're aboard boats heading to your destination with nothing to do but wait. I loved the hell out of it though, can't wait to try the multi-player.

gabora, I'm playing on a P4, 256 mg ram and Nvidia TNT2 card. I can't believe how smooth it runs on my system, better than SOF2. Really well coded game I guess. The soundtrack is great as well. This game beats the hell out of BF1942 IMO.

Man,I played this game on my buddies 9700pro and I was blown completely away. I've got a geforce3ti200 and an xp1800with512pc2100 and it runs great on mine at 1024 resolution but on his it looked completely different.

Wait till you get to the apartment indoor fight. You and your squad will have tio fight a hundred german soldier in close quarters , running out of bullets and everyone starts smashing each other with their rifle-butts, shouting and screaming, getting sliced up and macheted pretty disturbing, especially when you switch the dead bodies setting to "insane", you'll see all the corpses piling up everywhere and people climbing over them and on top of each other in a killing frenzy.

Someone just explained some shit with the sniper having to move every so often in muliplayer... sounds like bs

I have it on the highest setting and it's been pretty easy so far..

My brother just bought it so I'll try it out at his place tonight

Kai... isn't it more about the experience than difficulty

Just beat it... and it was okay.. I liked the mechanics more than the gameplay. Aiming down the sight rocks.

Give me the ability to command my troops, make the AI a bit more aggressive and it could have been a great game.

I'm liking single player much better than multi on this one.

"Mowing down hundreds of Germans singlehandedly = not realistic. "

If you want realism you should join the army insted of playing video games...