Call of duty

Hey, i picked up call of duty the other week and it rocks! I was just wondering what the multiplayer is like, cos im at uni at the mo and stuck behind a firewall, so i have not being able to play it yet.

Any comments?

multiplayer is paced and lots of action

yeah, one of the best multiplayer games out now

I was playing non-stop for a few months but have taken some time off at the start of the year =)

Really? I didn't like the multiplayer that much.

it depends what you like and I've gone back and forth on it a little but if you get on a server that tweaks the game (ex: no snipers, more realistic nades, etc) it is much better

DasBeaver... do you play other first person shooters online?

Tis much fun!

Killing truewrestler by shooting him in the back of the head became a true joy!

"What is so different about this game than bf1942 or medal of honor?"

CoD is more a tactical infantry game than action like BF1942. CoD is the true sequel to the Medal of Honor series.

LgFriess, do you still play on the same server? I'm going to try and get back into CoD but I've been really busy with jiu-jitsu and working out

A little bit. I'm trying to finish KOTOR right now, then I'll get back at it. By the way, there it's been patched and is even better.