Call Of Duty?

This game any good??

best WW2 game period, especially with the great expansion pack.

Best thing about it, is the atmosphere that the game creates. I especially loved stalingrad, I got shell shocked 4 times before I could get to cover on the first mission, the effect is great, everything slows down and sound is lowered for a few secs, then back to war!

PC or console?

PC version is great

Console version is decent from what I've heard

I picked this up a month back for my PC and loved it. The expansion pack was recommended by a forum member. Would get the 'Finest Hour' next.

However, that might be it. Getting bored with the rifles but still love the sniper. Looking for suggestions similar but not necessarily WW2. I wanted to check out "BF: Vietnam" but I heard it had the "spawning". I hate the wait.

LOL @ the Gerries yelling "Granada!", too.

khd29, I'm pretty sure that BFV does not have a round based system that makes you wait after you are killed. I think you continue to "spawn" over an over again until the game has been won.

i played the first five minutes of Finest Hour.. it's been sitting beside my ps2 ever since. After playing it on PC with keyboard/mouse, it's really hard to play it on ps2 (even though it is different game)

The first Call of Duty, It's a lot like the First SOF. The game is highly derivative. The AI isn't that good, the graphics aren't exactly ground breaking and the storyline is stolen from so many WWII movies. But it's long enough for the money, handles well and simply is a lot of fun to play.

enemy territory sucks.

enemy territory isn't bad but yes it sucks

It just doesn't feel right. Too action oriented I guess

is "Call of Duty Finest Hour" for xbox any good??

I feel like such a rookie

I just started the game yesterday...on XBOX......OMG!! So far It's great! Its' intense, actually makes you feel like your're there fighting alongs side.

I bought Call of duty also after a forum member recommended it. And it is a blast, i got it for PC, this game rocks. I have vietcong which is similar to BF Vietnam, and yes,you die,and you get like a 15 sec timer.

Call of duty takes Vietcong out,and vietcong was fun as hell, but call of duty is definitley funner, i play online, lots of players,and lots of challenges in multiplayer.

I am on a war game binge. Have conflict nam, shellshock nam and call of duty. Started the first two, havent gotten to finest hour yet.

I must say that the jungle makes nam a damn hard war to fight in, it all looks the same!

These war games are getting so realistic with the profanity, civilian deaths, drug use etc. It gets pretty damn intense.

I got the XBox as a X-mas gift and bought "The Finest Hour" the other day. I compared it to the other series' which I have on PC and I liked the PC version better. Then again, I am a rookie to the X-Box. My last console was Sega Genesis.

Will check out Vietnam games next. Any recommendations?

While its a blast to play with friends, conflict is pissing me off right now. Besides the APPALING squad AI, the randomness of situations is off the charts.

Example: One mission I reached a great stock up station before the end. I rationed out the goods as such:

Leader: Sub-machine gun with a grenade launcher as his secondary. 5 health kits

Sniper: M14 sniper rifle with a silenced pistol. 4 health kits.

Machine Gunner: Heavy machine gun with an ak37. 4 health packs

Medic: Assault rifle with an anti tank rocket launcher. 7 health packs.

So I beat the mission and then it suddenly says "youve been restocked" So the next area loads and all the good shit I collected is gone and theyre back to default weaponry and LESS health kits! So Im like wtf.

But I figured it was to help guys who barely finished the missions and were out of ammo and shit.

So I then later in the game barely finish a mission and of course they start me off in the next zone with no restock. So most of my men have 30 shots or less and no health packs at all.

Plus the kicker is that there are several tanks in the area and I have no rockets, nor are there any present. You were supposed to have saved them from last time. I should have known better and had my medic run around with a rocket launcher instead of taking 2 useful guns into underground tunnels.

So there is no possible way I can complete the mission. Love to hear any suggestions.


Which is better, Call of Duty or Medal of Honor?

I like the opening scene in medal of honor, looks like saving private ryan's opening scene.
But overall call of duty is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

COD:UO is the best multiplayer WW2 game out there right now. I can't stop playing.