Call to arms MMA fans!!!

I plead to those who are getting tired with this invasion of ignorance and pro wrestling.

Especially to those who are thinking that it's not worth it. To not let them take what we MMA FANS have loved and built. From the UFC and PRIDE to The regional shows. Our support, our money and our obsession built this style and the culture.

Be vocal and do not give up, we are all fans of the fight So do not back down from this one. I've cared about MMA for too long to be quiet and not at least try and stop it from going in this direction.

I may not be an important person. Im just a regular joe with a 6 to 4 job and a little traneing but I can't be the only MMA fan that has loved this sport or what ever you want to call it for years and feels this way.

So if you want to bros make some noise and maybe just maybe if it's loud enough "someone important" will take notice. Is mainstream through affiliation really that important? Phone Post 3.0

I'm not saying new fans aren't welcome but please think before you post, be open minded and not ignorant to the history and culture that has many intricacies.

For example there are things about pro wrestling that people who understand the intricacies would get offended if an uneducated person made ignorant comments.

Your more than welcome to watch and join in fact you are encouraged by most. Just pay attention to not only the obvious things like talk but the subtleties as well. Please don't be closed minded if someone sounds like that my no a thing or 2 at least consider it you don't have to take it on board just think first.

I'm not saying stop watching wrestling but don't turn MMA into its little brother. They are a separate entity's. Wether MMA is a legitimate sport or not it's certainly not pro wrestling. Phone Post 3.0

This hasn't exactly turned out to be our Occupy Wall Street moment.

True that epic fail. Phone Post 3.0

I'm surprised that nobody else feels this way. Seems odd not even hate from the pro wrestling fans. Phone Post 3.0

I won't mind rasslin fans again.

Where I mind pro wrestling with MMA is in journalism.

Too many MMA bloggers used to watch the Monday Night Wars but switched to UFC when it became "cool".

Like Helwani.

Every shitdick running a MMA site now has been a member of a pro wrestling forum somewhere.

That mentality permeates their work and it's why they talk heels and use the word "finish" to describe a fight ending KO or submission.

It's technically a finish but that word in pro wrestling means a BOOKED ENDING so Id rather not use that term.

Pro wrestling assholes bringing the smug and aggressive opinions won't be welcomed at all.

Sadly if you think this place can suck you don't want to be near pro wrestling forums with shut ins getting excited over nip slips and getting angry over perceived slights to their favorites.

The worst UGer is far better than your wrestling forum guy.

Brock brought them over and Punk brings them back so hopefully it doesn't last. Phone Post 3.0