Calling all Superfriends...I got one on the verge

 Okay, I've never made a post like this before. I seriously have one dude on the verge of turnin' pro. He's 8-0 as an Ammy. He will fight every month if he can get one. I need to call in a UG favor. Trust me, I've earned the right. I need potenital sponsors and regional midwest shows that do pro-ams to take notice: Stars and Strikes in Michigan has some guys on the cusp. Get at me, regional midwest pro-am promotions! SHIRE, I'M TALKIN' to you!

KFDG speaks truth. I know of what I speak.

People know me.

Kirik, please fren, sticky this thread.

-DaveGarcia aka AgedCaviar


 Okay I'll settle for that. Cheers, old friend and thanks. 

 TTT for sponsors and promoters to see.

Brian's Fisrt fight ^ (prior to our meeting and working together). Warning this is taped from the crowd by a female. 

Not the first time I taped his hands for a fight ^ and certainly not the last.  

Here's another one of my Ammies; Jameson "Hips of Fury" Murray (Green shorts). The guy in the orange is a wrestler from University of Michigan.

Those are all old fights. Both those guys have come a long way since then. I don't wanna post em all here... well, cause I don't.

TTT 4 a sponsor!!!

 Thanks Rick. I really would have not made this thread if I didn't think I had somehthing going on over here. This is not attention whoring. This is hardworking fighters deserving their chance. 

Derrick got a title shot his first ever ammy fight (which this is). He deserved it. UG'er glock4life is in his corner.


We also got a 16 year old who we made join wrestling. He loves it. He's also very proficient in the basics of the rubber guard, and in kickboxing/san da. he's gonna be a beast in a few years.




 It should be noted that with the exception of Derrick, the incomparable Quincy Rice AKA Train Judo coached these guys with me for a time as well. Most of their success is due to another forum member, glock4life aka James Striker.

Please PM me if you are a potential sponsor and/or midwest regional pro/am promoter. 

These guys bring it every time, ask SHIRE.

 Until glock