Calling this a new communications platform is funny no matter which "side" you are on

oooo cant wait to see all the new features… wait? its a blog? with no ability to comment or interact with? oh :frowning: ok.

Is this his response to being banned from Twitter? Reads like his tweets did

yeah i thought for a minute it might be something to rival facebook and twitter and things might get spicy but, uh yeah, no. facebook is actually poised to unlock his account tomorrow i believe, at least i read that they are likely to, not sure if that is just a guess or if they have tipped their hand somehow already.

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I hope his old man media platform takes off like gangbusters and ends up being the bees knees after the screwing he got by the commie media.

He already said in a statement that this was not a social media platform. But, they are working on one. But, you left that part out for some kind of a “gotcha “ moment. Idiot.

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i didnt leave anything out, literally all i have seen is it referred to as his “new communications platform” on fox and on twitter. but hey good job getting triggered as if i just said i dont like your boyfriend’s new instagram post.

Takes quite a lot more infrastructure and tech savvy to create an actual social media platform.

Basically he’s got a blog that no one can interact with

Seems like he is able to communicate on his platform

could be a good move for him to say “thanks, no thanks” to facebook if they do allow him back on tomorrow. but i would think you would have wanted at least a couple critical features to be ready on your own site when it launched