Calling UltraViolentRay

Hey UV,

Thanks for the training last night, hope my knee brace didn't bother you too much.

No problem and thank you too! I trust I didn't make you knee worse by posting off the brace.

Like I said, the face is as ugly as its going to get. A few missing teeth and dents isn't going to make it worse.

Hey Chris, we're getting a ring? How come I had to read it through the website? =^)

Now I've got another venue to get my ass handed to me! =^)

We had always planned on getting a ring but we wanted to make sure before we made it official. I meant to ask you if you were planning on attending the Ricardo Almeida seminar on Saturday it's from noon to 4.

I wouldn't miss it for anything!

Another question: the yoga class that we're having - is it tomorrow at 6:00pm?

No, it's on the 13th @ 6:30 - 7:30.