Calling Yoshida Yocheata by Mod

"Royce will win of course and I will put Yocheatas submitted limb in a jar filled with formaldehyde as a reminder to the superiority of BJJ over Judo."

A rednamer was just wittnessed making this statement. I thought this was against the forum rules. Maybe I am wrong. I just wanted to clarify because rules are rules, aint they?

Thank you for your attention.

It has been ok for some fighters to be made fun of and others not for years now. There are definitely 'favored sons' here, especially Team Miletich fighters.

Team Miletich? What's that?

Yup that was me.

I made the comment simply in jest on the "Where did the Yoshida haters go?" thread.

Again, If you have an issue w/ me you can either e-mail or myself at

Please take the time to read the context of the thread and my comments first though.

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"It's OK for guys like Your Father to write something like that but not for a moderator."Two questions:1. Why shouldn't everybody be held to the same standards?2. What should and shouldn't Kirik be allowed to do?

He is now my favorite mod, too. And Circus and Martial, grow the fuck up you pussy's. "he's name calling!" you guys sound like some lil bitches.

royce by triangle,


"1. Why shouldn't everybody be held to the same standards?"

Very good constructive point. Yes, mods can have special power to disrespect and disgrace certain fighters and troll all he wants. I just wanted to know because I may mistakely do the same and get banned by falsely believing the rules are applied equally to all the members. Nothing is fair in this world, aint it? Even Jesus admits that.

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King YoCHEATa and Circus,

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or just lockdown the judo forum and let them send transcripts of there threads

Funny I have made no single disrespectful comment about Royce, yet I am called the troll, and the rednamer who called Yoshida Yocheata is treated as a saint.

Well, life aint fair, is it? Even Jesus admits that.

Royce Gracie by triangle choke.


You claim that Jesus admits that life isn't fair... my advice to you, GO TO HELL!!

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Musashi, I was counting on you. Thank you for backing up your reputation.