Calling Yoshida Yocheata by Mod

*smile* The wind is definitely in our favor.

And a little ttt, may I add.

Circus, I see you're taking the Gandhi approach, hoping that successive beatings will inspire pity in your oppressors. I fear that tactic may be misguided on :)

Guys.The forum may be biased but allow me to explain something.THE FORUM IS PRIAVATE PROPERTY.Therefore, why on earth SHOULDNT it be biased?


This has gotten ugly.

With regards to Yoshida/Royce (1) I wrote:

"lol....I have never seen a guy who was "Choked Out" pop up to his feet as quickly and with his mind about him as Royce did.
Royce was not out.

I've seen guys have seizures, shit themselves, piss themselves, wake-up fighting, and wake-up confused.

Never have I seen a guy get choked out and react as Royce did. Just look at his BJJ match versus Ismail. He got choked out legit and it was a completely different reaction from Royce.

Yocheata, according to translations, was telling the ref Royce was out 10 seconds prior to the stoppage. That's a long time in a choke, yet Royce just pops back up?

Ninja Please!"

Can anybody deny that? No way.

I personally feel that Yoshida influenced the decision of the fight by his communication with the referee. A ref that according to the rules had no authority to stop the fight.

Royce (and the Gracie family) are my favorite fighters. I train in their style and under a Royce Gracie Association 2nd degree Black Belt. What do you expect.

The mods on this forum get paid nothing. We are all here for the love of MMA and our chosen training.

Kirik could strip my red name away and guess what? It would not faze me one bit. I'd probably laugh about it and make threads about mods, ala Circus a de-modded mod.

No wait, I would not allow my bitterness over an internet site to sink me to that level.

To be quite honest, this whole situation amuses me.

I beg you, e-mail Kirik if you want me gone.

No matter the results of the Royce/Yoshida fight.

Archive completed. Now, lets see another closet troll mod stop by.

koma u will stay a mod.

"I beg you, e-mail Kirik if you want me gone."

lol. Desparately trying to solve this issue "behind the door". Sounds like a good politician, doesnt it? People with power have tendency to act the same. Even Sadam admits that.


do u think that a mod might have taken your thread as a troll job becuase of your rep on here? cause if someone else posted that thread someone who is not in th thick of things i might have not thought much of it, but since it came from you and u have a rep here , it works against u. Can u expect anything different??

Koma, you may know that Helio admitted he was choked out in his match with Kimura, but that no even noticed. Kimura thought the choke wasn't working, and released it. Helio woke up and kept fighting without a glitch.

If the match had been stopped at that moment, I wonder would he have admitted that he had just been out? It took him forty years to admit it as is.

Koma and Musashi,

What is the definition of trolling?


How does Helio/Kimura even relate to the current fight?

You seriously amuse me.

"Please stop trolling, Circus."

I cant stop unless I know what it is.

Dude, you were posting your reasons for calling Yoshi "Yocheata." Never seen anyone choked out like that, etc.

Once again, we all have our favorite fighters and styles in which we train.

Of course we all feel our styles are the best.

Given my chosen style, I feel Royce will win the upcoming fight.

I also feel that Yoshidas "win" was quite tainted in the last fight.

In a few hours the results of the second encounter will be known. No need to hate one another, it's just a fight.

No matter who wins, I only hope it's a clean finish and we all have a happy New Year.

Honestly, I wish ever member of this forum a happy and prosperous new year.

The BJJ/Judo debate will continue beyond my life span.

I just want the Royce/Yoshida fight to have a clean finish .

Circus and King Yoshida: No matter the fights outcome I wish you well.

We all have our favorites.


You are awesome! You and Koma are the best!

TTT for Koma/Musashi!!

No hard feelings to anyone.

Lets just hope it's a good fight w/ a clean winner.

We are all fans.

**KY shakes spikey haired head while wearing a pokemon t-shirt and wearing blue lens sunglasses**

So are mods going to start calling "Cheato" Ortiz and "Gay" Mezger ?

Yoshida is the most decorated athlete crossing over in MMA and he certainly has not "cheated"