Callouses and Chin Ups

The callouses that I get from doing chin ups are really starting to get bad, yet I hate using gloves. What is the best recommendation in a situation like this?

Wrap a towel around the bar (This improves you grip strength too)


stop wanking and just focus on chin ups :p

This is ridiculous.

Be a man, stop complaining.

kansetsuwaza is correct.

Sand the buggers off, simple as that. Get some sand paper and sand them down.

Or you could wear wraps when doing your chins. I would never consider that unless I lost my arm!

They are BATTLE SCARES. Scares you get from training. Wear them with pride and honour.


HK, you should never be scared of training (unless it's scrappers workouts)

I think he meant battle scars. LOL!

Yeah, i want BIGGER callouses. Bring em on!


I am tired of people bitching and complaining about callouses or how they don't have a squat rack at their gym or that their gym doesn't allow this or that or have this or that! Get over it! Stop going to commercial gyms! Stop wearing straps and gloves! Be a man and train.

Sorry, I just get pissed, especially about commercial gyms and commercial gym mentality (like crying about callouses).

For what you would spend going to a gym for a year, you could have a great setup at your house, why do you want to make bodybuilders rich people?

wow WHAT the hell was I thinking?

Yeah sorry, they were meant to be *battle scars* not battle scares!

Wear them with pride and honour.


Sorry Koing, couldn't resist!

BTW I agree about the callouses, I like mine, as do the ladies!