Calories burned during BJJ??

I'm just curious as to how many calories are burned during a typical BJJ class. Warmup, drills and then rolling. Anyone have idea??
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good question. Of course its going to be different for everyone but I wonder what the min would be.

I read somewhere like 800 but that seems crazy. Phone Post

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In general whitebelts probabyl burn more towards the 600-700cal number, but purples and up prob burn 300-400. these stats were taken directly from out of my ass.

White belts will burn the most and you burn less the more advanced you get.

It's true that the better you get the less you burn.

I have lost a decent amount of weight through only training Bjj though. Phone Post

I'm a lowly white belt and I train w guys who are all bigger than me. So I'm prob burning a shit ton. Thanks for the info! Phone Post

 just post some bikini pics each week so we can monitor your progress  :P

 dont forget about the lean muscle mass that you build that aids in fat burning too

Lucas Maximus - What's your metabolism? I'm working at about 12 hours mouth to anus and have a busy lifestyle.

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depends on how much actual rolling is done as well as the intensity of the rolling.

for your typical 3 or 4 rounds per class 800 calories burned is ridiculous, even for the spazziest of white belts. maybe if said spaz rolled straight for well over half an hour, but not 15 minutes.

furthermore the more clean technique you apply the less effort used, hence less energy. the goal of bjj is to use as little energy as possible, so if you're approaching class as an intense workout you're kinda doing it wrong. sure, good rolls are tough and tiresome, but ideally they should be focus more on learning and applying technique vs usage of strength and athleticism.

so i'd guess an average of 100 calories burned per hard, action packed 5 minute roll, and less if you're doing it right

I definitely don't have to work as hard in BJJ as when I started (12 years ago), unless I am rolling with someone super tough that can push the pace and force me to move.

fight like a man and do it on the street, not in some gym like a puss

x FOX x - Hr of class prob 300-400
Hr of straight rolling with minimum rest 800-1100

But to be honest I'm just pulling that out of my ass based on treadmill and elliptical out puts Phone Post
I like how all these statistics are pulled directly out of someone's ass. There needs to be some real data somewhere.
Just really curious. Phone Post