calpolkid - Callum Bisping takes 2nd at worlds (pi

Got 2nd at Worlds today ????

A photo posted by Callum Bisping (@callum11231) on

Very Cool!

Congratulations Callum


Hell yeah! That's cool as fuck. Congrats!

Nice Phone Post 3.0

That guy is okay. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome Callum! The next generation is rising.

Great job kid! Phone Post 3.0

Congratulations Callum.

What division and belt level was that? Good job. 


Callum? Damn Bisping thats two letters away from Gollum.

What's the SJJIF?
I've never heard of it. UK based?

Be funny if he becomes a Jake Shields type of fighter, opposite style of Mike. Phone Post 3.0


good job

Destined for greatness


And listen to your pops when he says to stay in school ;-)

stop stealing our yellow women calpo