Calvin Kattar vs. Dan Ige

Up next... I got Kattar


5 rounds could be the difference maker in this fight.

Kattar is such a savage. I love his intensity 

Who’s up? 2-0 kattar or 1-1?

I got 1-1 so far. 3rd round is close. Ige's throwing some great counters here and there.

Leg kicks are wide open for Kattar but he won't throw one, he prefers to throw long straights from too far outside.

I have Kattar up 2-0 but Ige has this round so far 

2-1 Kattar on my scorecard 

This is one of those where it's pretty even and Kattar's cage control could come into play for scoring. He's constantly cutting off Ige and pressing him

2-1 Katter

3-1 Kattar, a few leg kicks there finally

I have Kattar up 3-1. I have Ige only the second round. Ige is getting tired and Kattar knows it. I feel he will pour it on and get a 5th round stoppage. 

Katter 4-1

Getting hit by Katter would hella suck.

Good fight, very humble post fight interview from Ige. Looking forward to both of their next fights

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Kattar is a beast man.  Dan is no joke but outside of the second round it was all Kattar.  Every time he threw Dan seemed to wear it.  If I had to Monday morning quarterback it; I think Kattar can be a bit too passive in between his bursts of offense but the man has all the skills to wear the strap