Calvin Kattar vs. Josh Emmett

It bothered me how many arm punches those people that count significant strikes gave Emmett during the first 3 rounds.

I do not believe a punch that connects with an arm (when Kattar does that cross defensive move from Boxing) should count as a significant strike, to me it is almost as an air punch because it causes almost no damage.

But those guys would count all his arm punches and show them on the screen and it made those first 3 rounds seem much closer than they actually were.

I gave Emmett round 3 and mayyyybe Round 1 but even then his unches simply made noise but did not connect whereas Kattar did connect with jabs.

Then you got morons like Sal D’Amato to sleep during most of the fights just to wake up and see what the significant strikes count tells him and then flips a coin in his head. Chris Lee scoring the 4th for Emmett is fucking brutal too.

Kattar did not fight to the best of his ability but he clearly won that fight. Emmett showed aggression and scored some nasty body shots but the sport should value actual damage and hits connected and not simply noise.

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My man.

You just articulated what I couldn’t in my posts above. You’re exactly right. Emmett was not landing the way the numbers showed, and especially the way the crowd would indicate. Kattar uses that cross shell a lot when moving away or laterally, he is rarely standing in the pocket with his hands down.

Emmett definitely landed, but not nearly as much as the stats showed. This is why I dislike the “significant strikes” count. They are certainly useful, and sometimes can be indicative of who won the fight, but most of the time they are not accurate. I posted yesterday that the crowd was going wild simply because Josh was exploding, but a lot of times those shots landed on the arm, grazed Calvin, or missed completely.

This happens in a LOT of fights where one guy is a more technical, volume based striker and the other is an aggressive, power-based striker. The latter is able to do enough in the judges eyes despite missing a lot of shots, and the former clearly out striking them. And a lot of times the strike counts are way off. In this fight, I had Kattar beating Josh both in terms of damage and volume.

That probably had something to do with why Calvin didn’t push the pace even more than he did, he became more aggressive later but still never left second gear. He more than likely thought he had decisively done enough by the fourth, as did I. Still, the Calvin I know would have been walking Josh down, maybe the Max fight changed him.

Oh I had a ton of maney on Kattar, thank God that Robocock dude that is listed as 30 years old but looks 60 made me enough or it would have been a pretty ugly night.

Did a ton of analysis prior to the fight too, lots of work down the drain.

On the plus side that PFL Martinez dude apparently was gifted a decish against Cassius so that is 1 robbery that went my way.

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2breathe2feel is the gayest SN I have ever seen

It sounds like the name of a song for a emo rock band from the early 2000s.

I’m not bashing you, just your SN.


Sometimes the winner doesn’t look like the winner…


Randomly thought about the spinning elbow josh took dead center above nose and didn’t even blink. Might be one of the most underrated eaten shots even


That’s another thing about that fight is Emmett’s chin is so good sometimes it looked like Kattar barely slapped him. That spinning elbow landed perfectly flush and Emmett didn’t even blink. Just took a slight pause and continued forward motion

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