calzaghe knocked down in 1st

Rd. nice right from Hopkins.

A real short right put Calzaghe down..didn't even look that hard either.

It's making the fight suck because Bernard thinks he can knock him down at will now and Calzaghe is kinda skeer'ed.

Hopkins is one clinching dude and would put a hummingbird to sleep provided the hummingbird could afford HBO.

Jesus I hope somebody gets KTFO because I don't want to hear Hopkins say he won a decision because he knocked him down the first round.

As good as Bernard is I just can't pull for him and his one punch and clinching style.

I just pray for a knockout and don't care who get's it. These guys are fighting like this fight is going 45 rounds not 12. SLow and dull so far.

It's fights like this that make me want to see what happens if you start having boxing bouts inside of the YAMMA. I don't know if it would make them more interesting; but I don't think it could make it worse.

Calzaghe has no chin and a flurry at the end of round 7 nearly knocked him down. How in the hell he walked thru Jeff Lacy is one of life's mysteries.

Now I know where Calzaghe got the nick "Calslappy"...he is a pitty pat slapfighter. He got rocked again at the end of round 8..then showboated after the bell like he is dominating. I don't like either of these guys and wouldn't pay 10 cents to sit ringside.

OMG Bernard is faking a low blow....LOL. Wasn't even low.

Bernard is going for the jumping headbutt knockout now...and it's as plain as day.

Calzaghe is doing barely enough to win and Bernard is not doing anything effective except clutch (his specialty).

 Calz is doing enough slapping to win at this point

Well, short of a headbutt landing this fight will go to the judges - B-Hop won't risk getting hurt by going for a knockout with a punch, and Calz isn't knocking anyone out. I'm not even sure he could KO Cortez.

OMG Hopkins is trying to win by low blow....LOL.

Faked another low blow in the 11th.

See, I don't know that if Calz actually hit a legitimate low blow it would be as painful as B-Hop makes it seem, because it doesn't look like there's that much force in the punches.

you're a fucking dickhead

I got it 8 rounds to 3 for CalSlappy..and a 4 pt lead because of the knockdown in round 1.

Well one thing is good about a boring fight like this...there will be no demand for another Hopkins match-up with anyone at any weight.

CalSlappy however will get put to sleep if he decides to fight Roy Jones later this year.

Possibly the most hyped up boring big fight I've ever watched.

Well Hopkins got beat by a white boy..if you can call that fight a beating.

And LOL at the split decision. Ridiculous.

glad i made the decision to watch UFC instead

LMAO you made the right decision if there ever was one.

I'm waiting for Bernard's excuse as to why he got "robbed again"...LOL.

thats about it for the whole fight. not much action. almost like a slap fest

Calzaghe is usually an entertining fighter to be fair. Hopkins, not so much...