Camarillo:Rousey not elite grappler. Ronda upset Phone Post 3.0

Hmm this should be interesting to say the least. Phone Post 3.0

Camarillo was and still is one of my idols from back in 95. I used to watch Dave just rip up the competition at BJJ tournaments. I trust his judgement. He is one of the most technical BJJ guys in the world. I also see holes in her game as well.

I'll have to agree with Dave. Phone Post 3.0

Her mom says she was second in the world... what competition is she referring to? I know a bronze medal is third, so can't be Olympics.

I trust him a lot but I'm really not qualified to judge or comment. I would be incredibly interested in seeing Rhonda in ADCC, even a superfight. Phone Post 3.0

Her mother might be more annoying than her, it's a toss up. Phone Post 3.0

I like RR but Dave's assessment is spot on ... Phone Post 3.0

Camarillo talked about how Rousey attacks, and what her strengths and weaknesses are. One of the things he mentioned was that Rousey didn't have an elite-level ground game in comparison to Kyra Gracie or an ADCC medalist. Here's a portion of his statement in regards to that:

I don't think she's an elite-level ground tactician.


When I watched Ronda Rousey's fights, I think she's a phenomenal fighter, but she definitely has a lot of holes. For example, when Liz [Carmouche] had her back, she basically came in kind of with the wrong head and arm for MMA. You generally don't want to do that because people can take your back. I think that was a technical mistake on her behalf.

Now, why didn't she lose the fight? She fought out of it and that comes from how tough she is individually and also the sport of judo. That's displayed in her fights. You're seeing not just a technical stylist on the ground, but you're seeing somebody who just will fight out of anything you put in front of them. She's been able to do that. Phone Post 3.0

I think there are things leading up to that position wise that she can definitely improve on, so that's the take of whoever you're talking about giving information of 'Is she a high-level, elite-level grappler like the women of today in Brazilian jiu-jitsu?' I would say no, but remember she's not fighting in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She's fighting in MMA and in MMA right now, she's doing phenomenal. Phone Post 3.0

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It was tactful. I'm sure she sees that already. Phone Post 3.0

Every time Ronda says something it's a news article. I'm unhappy to see the same happening with her mom. Phone Post 3.0

I must know what Rhonda's mom thinks of this. Phone Post 3.0

I wonder what her response would have been if Brian Tate had said that

Ronda was 2nd in the world judo championships...that is what her mom is referring to. At the same time her mom says Camarillo was only 3rd in u.s. nationals. Fact is however women's divisions are probably a factor of 10-20x more shallow than men's.

Also, Ronda was never known as a ground specialist in Judo. Not sure what she and her mom as upset about.

Reality is, most of the girls she fights in MMA are not even remotely close to an elite level athlete...i mean Tate, Liz, etc...are really very far from elite-level...once she starts fighting elite competition we will see what happens...

its almost like Royce Gracie back in the day..but its harder to get the top female athletes somehow into MMA than it was to get the men. Hence, I expect Ronda to fight cans for at least 5 more years.

promoter - Her mom says she was second in the world... what competition is she referring to? I know a bronze medal is third, so can't be Olympics.
World Championships in Rio (2007). Phone Post 3.0

David see's holes in her game because David is a Judo Black belt as well as a BJJ black belt. He see's the technical game of Ronda on the ground which Judo has AKA Ne-Waza. So of course David is probably even ranking Ronda in his mind as a advanced blue belt or a newly purple. Ronda has solid transitions for sure, especially her armbars but tell me how many sweeps have you seen her do? how many omplatas? does she have an open guard? You know where I am coming from

promoter - Her mom says she was second in the world... what competition is she referring to? I know a bronze medal is third, so can't be Olympics.

Her mom obviously doesn't understand the difference between Judo and grappling. Dave never said he wasn't impressed with her Judo, he said she wasn't an elite grappler. He even gave a great example. She got her back taken by Liz and Meisha both, from sidemount. Because her technique in that position. She grabs head and arm control, then kicks her legs out and sits on her hip/butt, just asking to have her back taken. That's a Judo position that is not good for mma. Phone Post