Camarillo vs Camarillo

Ok people, place your bets.

I went up to the bay area last night and rolled at the AKA academy in my brothers class. It was my borthers decision to have us battle in the middle of two classes, The beginning class and the advanced class. The match lasts 9 minutes and I am making the video as you read this. It will be posted in about two hours on my site.

So place your bets on who you think will win this match between my brother and I.

I pick.....Camarillo!!

The real winners are the fans and practitioners of Judo/BJJ

You, due to some dodgy editing.

Can't wait until the vid is posted...the old demo you did at the HCK tourney years ago was amazing, I learned a ton from watching it over and over.

if it went to the ground, i bet on dave. if it's based on judo rules, it's pretty hard. maybe i'd take dan.

the video is up

you're the man, just finished the DL, im sure I'll dig it

man that was sick! everybody should DL it, awesome stuff.

who is who?

That was tight!
Sit down and enjoy the lesson!

Very skilled and technical match but I nobody got finished so that is just not enough.

I'm guessing that yu are the guy in blue Gi.

I am in the blue.. Dave is white..
and yes, I was tired at the end.
I have not been training very well lately due to so many injuries...

But Dave and I have another one in one month!!
thanks for the compliments...

and yes, I tapped at the end, and he was very nice to my arm..

No offense to Dave, but it looks like you got the better of him for most of the match.

will check this out later

nice uchimata...very enjoyable clip...thank you...




He was all over me in the beginning. the last time before this he tapped
me twice. If he had better stamina, I would be in even more trouble

I jumped for the knee and just let it go because he seemed to break. So I

When I hit the wall, I decided to just wait until he got off... I did not want to use the wall to move around... He knew right after he jumped for the knee, that I just layed there...

I trained hard again last night.. so I am getting ready for our next match!! ;)
I will get my stamina up so next time we will have even a longer battle!!

Rolling hard like that is one of my favorite things to do.. Makes you feel like you accomplished something when you wake up sore.