Camden contra Margolis

I was hoping to buy tickets for this event. it is gonna be a joy. When is it gonna be and how much will it cost? I will be willing to pay a mat fee for this one.

Can I film it for my website? I have a ELP tape but I am thinking like an 8 meg flash card for my digital camera will do the job for the match.

I thought it was Swafford vs Margolis?

Finally my name is mentioned on the BJJ Forum, I have now arrived.

Zuffa make it happen!!!


this is a sacred moment in the life of a jiu-jitsu warrior.

jackel, would you compete as a heavyweight or super heavyweight?

Is there anything bigger than super heavyweight?

Just your mother.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

i usually can't resist your mother either!

see you soon

damn! Just when I thought JW18 had Jackel on the ropes, Jackel comes back for the knockout!