CAMO Meeting Oct 26 Open To Public

The organization looking to govern all of Amateur MMA for the state of California will be announcing their plans.  If you have opposition or want to give input now is a good time. 

*Note.. there are two things that are scary with what this organization wants to do.  First, they want to start governing Pankration/Submission if they rule it as full contact.  They have been sending advisors to pankration and submission events.  Their "advisors" report back that they saw a punch to the face or something else and then send letters that they now have authority over the event and will shut it down if they don't join CAMO.  This could give them the right to attach all kinds of fees

Second their rules include that all Amateur MMA events have to use CAMO rash guards and gloves.  In other words, if TapouT wants to sponsor Amateur MMA they have to become business partners with CAMO like the NHL does with sponsors.  No other gloves or rashgards are approved.

I believe this is a power grab and is about money, not safety. 

Now is the time to speak up.  Don't say I didn't warn you when these rules are locked in place.

BTW, Kazja is going to the event so in ther very least you can expect some drama.  He sent a mass email that he will be there with cameras.  Here is his blog:

This should be interesting...

No one cares?