CAMP UNDEFEATED welcomes Wagnney Fabiano

Camp Undefeated is pleased to welcome IFL featherweight world champion and BJJ third degree black belt, Wagnney Fabiano as guest instructor at the Camp starting August 18th. Professor Fabiano will be teaching our 8:00 pm MMA class Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a 6:00 pm MMA class Tuesday and Thursday. This class is a fight training class, open to all. He will also be available for one-on-one training. We are extremely pleased that Professor Fabiano has come to teach at the Camp. You won't want to miss the chance to train with a champion. Call or stop by the Camp for more details.

Thank you!
Camp Undefeated Team
15 W39th St 4th floor
NYC 10018

Call or stop by the Camp for more details.

You should probably tell everyone where Camp Undefeated is or what Camp Undefeated's phone number is.


 cool thanks.  Wagnney is awesome and a true champion.


If anyone In NYC is considering fighting as an amateur in MMA, The CITC events at the Miletich camp in Long Island are going to be monthly and we are sending one student there for September and then another one or two in October.

We are looking for more people who are seriously interested in fighting to come train with us for these kind of events.

I forgot to mention that he will be leaving back to Brazil on September 15th, unfortunately.