Can Adriano Moraes upset Mighty Mouse?

Have not seen Moraes fight much. I do know his only three losses in his career were all split decisions and he was granted rematches in two of those situations and avenged the losses.

Johnson has not fought in 1 1/2 years now, the longest layoff of his career, prior to 2020 he had never missed an entire year of competition.

Johnson is 34 now, how long can he stay motivated to train and compete at the highest level? Fourteen years into his pro career at this point.

Don't see any odds posted yet.

Looking forward to Johnson's return.

Hope he keeps winning.

If so, who is next?

He's on a 1 fight win streak and in his last 2 fights he's 1-1 against a guy who's 14-8.

This thread title aged well.
Undefeated streaks almost always end before a fighter can retire like Khabib or GSP.
Johnson opened a 4-1 favorite and closed a 6-1 favorite. Usually when the odds move in the favor of a fighter it indicates an even more likely scenario of them winning… usually.

Mighty Mouse needs weigh ins and that how the sport works so…

Johnson really does have no clue how to promote a fight or gain the interest of the public… Eddie Goldman asked him in the post fight presser if he wanted a rematch and Johnson says something along the lines of “if I work my way back up, he finished me, I’ve never been finished before, Adriano can go go fight an up n comer or retire on top or fight whoever he wants to fight”.

Dude is the GOAT FLW and just got upset by a guy not even highly ranked and he is saying to the public a rematch makes no sense.

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What do you mean? They did not weigh in?