Can anyone do this anymore?

This is impressive:

That is incredible, do you realize the power and stability it would require to do that? wow

as well as the level of security they must have in their own sexualities.

The first time I went to Vegas my wife won a lot and we got tickets to that show Mystere.

About half way through (I think) my wife woke me up, there were two guys doing stuff like that but moving from position to position with only one of them ever touching the ground. It was the greatest feat of strength I have ever seen. These weren't small guys either, they were both much, much bigger than me (we had front row seats) I am 6' 210lbs.

Yeah, the men and women in Cirque du Soleil do some mindblowing feats of strength. There's one channel on cable that seems to air their shows very frequently, and there's always at least one bit worth watching.