Can anyone find this fight? (pic)

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from what I can find that's Joe Coca when he was 17 before he turned pro.

I found this on sherdog regarding that pic

If you want to see a real neck crank with a triangle lock then check out below. painfull. Obviously not Cerrone doing this. Its seventeen year old Joe Coca from New Mexico. This is a sick ass triangle neck crank, arm trapped and cant roll back out of it because he is being held by Coca's other arm. Just sick. The guys left with one arm free and all he can use it for is to tap which is what he is doing in the pic.
Yes it is a thing of beauty. Again the kid is only 17 years old from FIT-NHB in Albuquerque New Mexico (same camp as Condit) This kid will be a force when he goes pro. This was not done on a slouch either. The kid tapping is highly acclaimed undefeated high school wrestler. He didnt know what he was getting into. Joe Coca is sick.
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but that's all I could find.

and here's a little bigger version

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