Can Anyone Host A File?

I've just finished (re)writing a chapter on Egyptian wrestling for my PhD thesis. Some people on the history forum are interested in taking a look at it, but the file is too big to email. It's 40 Megs, due to all the images.

Could anyone with some spare webspace possibly host it, in the name of martial arts history and research?



What type of images did you use? If you used .bmp, then covert them to .jpg, .gif or .png, and the size will shrink significantly. MS Paint or MS Photoeditor can do that.

Is there any way to convert all the images at once?

There are hundreds of them, so I don't want to have to 'copy/paste/save as jpeg/paste back into document' for each one of them.

Yeah, that would be a pain. Make sure you do that the first time from now on. Seriously. The size of your project will probably be 1/10th of the size (or smaller) when you use JPG's instead.