Can anyone post some videos for me?

Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis. I'm on the road and can't look them up right now. I would like to get his fights in one spot so I don't pass out looking for them tonight in the hotel. Any help would be awesome.

He's a beast from legacy (heavy weight champ) who just signed with the UFC. Will fight on FoxSports1 2. Phone Post 3.0



Awesome! I know he doesn't have a ton of fights. Not sure how many are online. Thanks for putting some up. VU! Phone Post 3.0

Anyone got any more? Phone Post 3.0

RickStorm -


Cool highlight video. He tosses heavy weights around like toys. Phone Post 3.0

Swedgen -


This was cool. I've only seen him toss dude then throw bombs. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the video guys. Phone Post 3.0