can anyone ttt that CV thread?

A while back (maybe a few months) there was a thread on the IT forum about how to write a good CV for getting into IT.

As I recall it had ALOT of good information for all aspects of CV writing - not just IT.

Can anyone ttt it? I seem to remember it was a pretty big thread for the IT forum so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Shame we dont have the archive anymore.

Thanks in advance.

ttt does no one remember it? Am I imagining it?

I remember it, but I think it was more geared towards writing a resume than a CV.


yes, I can't remember the exact details, but Im wishing I posted on it cos it had a lot of useful info.

"I thought a resume WAS a CV?"

Not quite. If I were applying for a faculty job, I would list my education, and my published papers - that is a CV. If I were applying for an industry job, I would list my education, my work experience, and maybe my hobbies where I had accomplishments. That is a resume.