Can anyone verify Berklee grad?

Do any of you have the means to verify the attendance of a student at Berklee College of Music? I need to verify one Jason Hickerson, he would have been a percussion student.


I thought you weren't supposed to graduate from Berklee, but
drop out and join a band,

I have no idea, can you just ask him for his papers
contact Berkely?
Is he trying to pull a fast one on you or something?

Hickerson sounds like a made up name to begin with,
wasn't that one of Fletch's aliases?

I pushed him on the issue as if I already had the answer to the question I was asking, and as it turns out he did one of the "summer programs" at Berklee, and was not a full time student.

I will say that the sumbitch can play the HELL out of the drums none the less. He had no problem playing along with Mike Portnoy and Dream Theater. I still do not like being even slightly deceived.... Could be a sign of things to come?