Can Battlefield 2042 Kill Warzone

The Portal will be more amazing than the regular multi-player modes, I think

Not unless they drop a dope BR. Same with Halo. If they don’t even Hackzone will limp along still

There’s no BR for this Battlefield. Which is fine with me. I don’t get the battle royale hype. It’s just not enjoyable to me.

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They’re too different. Yes they’re both FPS but people like BRs play BRs and people who like arena play arena.

Warzone is the best BR by far but Activision still not having an anti cheat may be the reason another competitor overtakes it. But doubtful. I bet the game to kill Warzone is another COD BR




COD is a mother fucking monster… Not a chance

I agree, it is. But have you seen the info about this new BF? It’s gonna be crazy, man!

And a lot of loyal BF players and YouTubers started playing warzone during and after BF 5. They will no doubt flock back to their precious

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I wanna play just to car bomb fools like the end lol

Hell, that can be done in any of em man. Get to playin

That’s true, but us boomers and gen x’s have to remember how many kids ar emailing you these game now. This generation needs a BR. Traditional multiplayer doesn’t seem to cut it with the mainstream big bucks these days.

We are getting old friend haha


I’m going to send a bomb threat to the Dice offices!

(not really)