Can BJJ guys compete in Judo tourn

Just wondering if BJJ guys are allowed to compete in Judo Tournaments. I would be interested in trying some out, just to gain more competition experience. Opinions?


Just prepare yourself for a crash landing:)

You need to be a member of Judo Ontario or other provincial body

that sucks, I guess the Judo guys will get off luckyJ/k

If you join a judo club and are there for a few months, you should be eligable for a judo ontario membership, and if you're planning on competing in judo you'll most likely need at least a month or 2 to prepare.

Jason? I talked to Joey a few months back and he said we might be getting a judo instructor in February. I'll ask him again.

you would be at a considerable disadvantage.. all your opponent has to do is sweep or throw you and if you land on your back the match is over.... ground work they give you very little time for (esp lower belts it seems) ...... in my first tournament i thought i would be nice and straighten the armbar SLOWLY and i got told to break it up and standup because i was (theoretically) not doing anything/not moving fast enough etc

EmenGeeRoxx?? Sorry can you refresh my memory as to who you are. Don't mean to be rude, I just need to put a face to your handle.

Man, the Gracies and Machados were notorious for going to Judo and Sambo competitions. They would usually drop to guard and go for the quick armbar. They were surprising successful.

You see grapplers at judo tournaments all the time.there not very succsessful because you simply dont have time to pull off many subs...Learn judo it tough as hell and really fun.

Pain, do you know a judoka named Brad? I think that's the name Joey said when talking about a potential instructor for KATA.

yeah Brad 'BJ' is a brown belt at my judo club kidokan

I am a Judoka since i am 23 years....judo is way harder to learn than bjj I went to machodo tournament ion texas I almost won the open and won in my category. I was practicing bjj for 3 month with machado.....bjj fighter dont know how to do good take down they only try leg shoot it suck

Hope all of you will come to fiobght th january 10th in sherbrooke

PAIN PeteRS comme to see your bro man he miss you

Maybe for experience, but I wouldn't do it with hopes of placing or anything unless I cross trained ahead of time.

It can't hurt though...well...nevermind, crashing into the mat can definitely hurt...but u know what I mean.

as long as you join a judo club, have an instructor sign you under their name and register with the provincial association, you can compete..

it is not as easy as some may think, remember the rules determine how to play the match...similarly, for judo guys to go into bjj tourneys, they need to fully understand how scoring is done and work with that...

now all of that being said, bjj'ers, judoka's and wrestlers all do reasonably well in each others tournaments because of similar foundations in their training..once you focus and prepare for a competition, you can do well...

in judo, sandbagging is not as much a problem, because they divide the divisions by weight, belt grade (experience) and you have a greater chance of fighting someone within your own range of skills...