Can Bryan hold the pads for Meisha now?

Or is he still not worthy?

Say what? What's the backstory on this?

Dominated -

Say what? What's the backstory on this?

Ronda said in an interview he's basically a low level fighter holding pads for a woman fighting for a world title. Or something like that. Phone Post 3.0

several interviews to be precise. She seemed to have a real issue with it.

Yeh that sub really proved how well he can direct a focus mitt sesh... Neither guy had good striking Phone Post

Going by Ronda's reasoning, a top male actor should ONLY date a top female actor.

She got very indignant that Meisha is dating a lower rung fighter and then went with the pads remark.

I don't think Meisha Tate in looking for a boyfriend took win/loss records into account but I'm guessing Ronda would. Phone Post