Can Crocop just go away?

 Seriously.  Crocop, needs to just fade away gracefully now.  You can't win at the UFC level.  It's over.

Please stop making threads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha..go cry now.

 Are you repping some kind of product on here? because you are coming off as a real dildo and I wouldn't ever want to make a mistake and buy one of your shirts if thats what you do.

 It's a dildo move to say Crocop has looked like shit since Pride?  My bad.

go back to your room and cry TS

Let me apologize for saying that Crocop has been less than stellar in the UFC and let me say that I'd love to pay to see him fight many more times in the UFC.  You guys have converted me.  I'm sorry for being so far off base and clearly I am the only one who felt that way.


 just let the thread die

noone cares

Yet, you cared enough to post.


 im sorry


i like cro cop

i feel bad that he looked so bad

and he was looking for an out sadly

he probably is retiring

i hope he does

He has nothing to be ashamed about though. not yet anyway. lets keep it that way

 I like crocop a lot man.  That is why I posted this thread.  His stint in the UFC has been painful for his fans.  He just needs to fade away and let us remember when he was dominant.  Every fight in the UFC has been sad.